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Joffrey Jchm Mllr

Hi, I'm Joffrey. But people also call me «Tonton». I am a Design Strategist, and I help ambitious companies to generate impact with their digital projects.
Entrepreneur and Designer, I work in the fields of Strategy, Creative Direction, Design Systems and Interfaces (UX/UI).
Wish you a good reading, feel free to catch up !

currently working on:

logo Bter

2022 - now


Bter is a Design Consultancy office, willing to help companies generate impact with their digital projects.
We work as integrated sidekicks, to make sure that projects have clear purposes and can be build on solid foundations. Our weapons : collaboration, User-Centric Mindset, and Design Tools.

1 — Strategy and Project Organisation
  • Audits
  • Workshops
  • Design for business
  • Project specifications
  • User-centric culture

2 — User Experience and Product Design
  • User Experience
  • Personae, User Journeys
  • Feature Design
  • Prototyping
  • Design Systems

3 — Interface and WordPress Projects
  • UI Design
  • Team collaboration process
  • WordPress
  • Block Editor Design (Gutenberg)
  • Training and supervision

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2022 - now

Mentor for Creative profiles

I work with creative profile (freelancer or creative agency individuals) to help them thrive in their daily practice. After understanding each mentee's goals and establising a roadmap with them, we operate with weekly or monthly follow-up sessions. These meetings are individual or group sessions, depending on the subjects and/or the specific needs of the moment.

I help people working on their…
  • Offer definition
  • Numbers Management
  • Skills Roadmap
  • Business Posture

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10 years running a web agency has led me to develop my soft skills range, in addition to my initial Design practice. Working with various clients, from the first talks to the follow up of an online project, has given me the opportunity to reinforce my Strategy expertise, but also my empathy and my team-management skills. Growing my company encouraged an evolution of my Design capabilities, from Graphic Design to Creative Direction and Design Sytems.

Selected contents

Previous adventures

logo Fantassin

2011 to 2022


Fantassin is a creative web agency based in Lyon, France. We help our clients to launch their project online with a tailor-made approach, living through two fields:
At first, Fantassin is a WordPress agency. We build custom made WordPress website for companies to help them develop their brand online and the autonomy of their marketing team. Having innovation in our DNA, we achieved the fact of becoming a French reference in the WordPress ecosystem, especially because of our high-level practice of Gutenberg, the new content editor. Also thanks to our creative capacities in mostly technical universe.
Fantassin also has a strong User Experience background. This is why we have been working with some serious start-ups, helping them to refine their product interfaces. With time, this practice has evolved, including Design Systems subjects.

My job at Fantassin, as Founder and Partner, included Company Management, Business Hunting and Management, Human Ressources, Design Lead (Creative Direction, UX, UI, Brand), Agency Communication, and of course every function that a CEO has to assume.

  • Creative Direction
  • Project Strategy
  • Creative workshops
  • Project Management
  • User Experience
  • WordPress Websites
  • Design with Gutenberg
  • Design Practices Industrialisation
  • Design Systems
  • Company Management
  • Finance
  • Team onboarding
  • Sh*t solving
logo Fantassin

2011 to now

Crafting side projects

For years, I was always in need of understanding my customers problematics. I am also a curious person, and I enjoy understanding the way things work. This is why I launched some side projects., first. Just a blog about cool stuff. s simple as it is. This project made me practice my writing (I love that), and I even sold some sponsored articles !
After this project, I tried to launch a CRM based on a WordPress system. The project never saw the sun, but all the interfaces and interactions were there… and are still up to date !

  • Product Design
  • Features Design
  • Brand Design
  • WordPress
logo Fantassin

2010 to 2011

NumberFour AG

I had the chance to work with Marco Boerries, the creator of what we call today Open Office. I was part of a Design Team Duo, bringing Marco's latest product to life.

  • User Experience
  • User Workflows Design
  • Interface Design
  • Visual Specifications

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If you want to have a chat with me, about a project, Design, or about a good old wine tasting, feel free to reach me through my LinkedIn profile or my Twitter account. I only bite food, not humans.